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Pictures of me from trips to Ireland (Dublin) and London

Pictures from Ireland (Dublin)- Cool Place
Pictures from Ireland (Dublin)- Magnificent Place
Pictures from Ireland (Dublin)- No fighting
Pictures from Ireland (Dublin)- Irish are nice
Pictures from Ireland (Dublin)- Irish Guiness Stout even nicer
Pictures with friends from LONDON - Cosmopolitant city

Picture of me in Greece (Rhodes Island)

Romantic place
Rhodes 2
Must go place
Rhodes 3
Small Island
Rhodes 4
Must with Acropolis
Rhodes 5
Island with plenty of fruits
Rhodes 6
Beautiful beaches
Rhodes 7
Place of nudies
Rhodes 8
Nice seafood
Rhodes 9
Sugar cube houses
Rhodes 10
Beautiful paintings around
Anfield 1
My favourite football club
Anfield 2
Fulfilled my dream
Anfield 3
Hope to bring my brother here next time
Chinese New Year Celebration 1
Many HongKong and Taiwanese friends here
Chinese New Year Celebration 2
Simple celebration but good food

How Are You All Doing ???

Hi EveryBody,

My Name is Frankie Wong, 25 years of age....err actually coming 26 years old soon. I am a Singaporean and am currently reading my Masters In Business Administration In a small town called Preston in the Lancashire county. I am presently embaking on my Dissertation (Thesis) as well as doing a feasibility study project for a local museum here. Everything will come to an end on 1st September and i will be returning back home to look out for a job. It has been a magnificent 10 months i have here, i miss my family very much especially my adorable nephew who was born the day before i departed for UK. What have i learn ?? Countless i guess, learned to be real independent and firm to decision when make in University work and social life. Do drop me a mail if you wanna know me more.

Below is a Picture of me at the Dublin Museum (Ireland) as well as several pictures of my favorite NIECE SEAN, he is 10 months old now (thats how long i am here) and i guess he is starting to learn how to talk now. Importantly he must recognise me when i get home !! hahah !!

Best Regards


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Wong Hoe Shyan (Frankie)
71, Selborne Street
Preston PR1 4LA
United Kingdom